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• Nazima, Kakazu and Matrone law firm (NKMA) presents by the encounter of businessman counsels, recognized with law innovations outcoming from economy globalization.

• Regarding outstanding reputation in practice areas we offer efficient solutions to our clients, with legal and preventive advice for national and abroad companies, with significance on Infrastructure, Real estate, Automotive, Financial Institutions, Private Equity and Industrial.

Expertise range by segment

Partners-Directors together for more than 15 years, with greater emphasis on the following segments:

  • Retail payment
  • Real Estate
  • Private Equity
  • Industry
  • Financial Institutions
  • Administrative Law

    Practice in government´s departments, ensuring quality and efficiency on bureaucracy procedures.

  • Civil Law

    Expertise in complex lawsuits and consumer pleadings avoiding substantial finnancial liability

  • Consumer brazilian enforcement

    Performance in the management of consumer portfolio (administrative and judicial) and strategic prevention.

  • Credit Recovery and Deal Process

    Recovering overdue loans, fiduciary liens or simple mortgages using mediation and arbitration chamber with a attorneys team focused on deal process.

  • Environmental Law

    Counseling in administrative or judicial environmental affairs.

  • Family and Inheritance Law

    Counseling provided to help families and they inheritances affairs,

  • Intellectual Property Law

    Counseling in intellectual property and copyrights, trademarks, patents and sign up on registration departaments.

  • Labor Law

    Broad couseling and high practice on labor litigation.

  • Legal Intelligence

    The Legal Intelligence sector (LI) provides statistics of courts precedents helping legal departments to forecast liabilities on their business. Moreover, keeps lawsuits records on control-software who are updated in real time according of the courts acts

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

    Couseling of complex process of buyouts process management.

  • Real Estate Law

    Practice on counselling and litigation Real estate operations.

  • Tax Law

    Full practice tax law according to brazilian tax legal system.

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São Paulo

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Rio de Janeiro

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